As I see it, the 'SKIN FADE" has nearly and hopefully come to and end. It has been hanging around for the best part of 5 years, and it's getting old. 

The Taper Fade is nothing new either, but it's a tasteful twist to having the skin fade without the harsh "skin" look. For me this haircut is super stylish and current, for those wanting to enjoy more length on top but wanting it neat and tidy. This is your haircut. 

The grow out phase is not as "ugly" as a full skin fade and the transition from this to longer hair styles is much more seamless.

As for products, for short cropped hair i recommend Sculptr Dust paired with Sculptr Clay for texture and hold. Long-medium hair, Sculptr Texture Spray dried in finished with Sculptr Clay will give you a texture and volume with hold.